Aircon - Heating and Cooling Service in Phoenix, AZ
The AC Team Heating & Cooling LLC was created out of necessity. We want to do things differently in the HVAC business than so many other HVAC companies in town. Nick Hefner, a seasoned HVAC repair tech and HVAC contractor and Erin O'Connor, a successful local real estate agent and property investor, decided to team up and create an HVAC company that not only provided fair pricing and honest diagnoses' but performed quality service with attention to the details. Nick and Erin are two partners that believe that honesty and integrity always come before profits.
Unfortunately, the HVAC industry in Phoenix Arizona has gotten a very bad reputation over the years. The HVAC business has carved out a reputation for dishonesty and incredibly high pricing. Since AC is an absolute necessity, many companies in the industry have had somewhat of a predatory mindset and has historically not only overcharged but made unnecessary repairs to boost profits. Thats NEVER the case at The AC Team H&C.
We refuse to adopt that business model under any circumstances. No technician we ever send to your home will be a commissioned technician that's incentivized to increase the ticket cost to line his own pocket. Simply put, our business model is fair and honest work performed at a fair and honest price. Because of our very little overhead, we consistently beat out our competitors in pricing as well as quality of service.
We are a ROC Licensed, Bonded and Insured HVAC company serving the greater Phoenix area and we look forward to servicing you and being your AC Team for life!