We install and service all makes and models of Air Conditioning Systems for your home or business

Two Man Fixing HVAC - Heating and Cooling Service in Phoenix, AZ
Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair your AC system and get you and your family enjoying nice warm or cool air as quickly as possible. Our summers are hot enough, the last thing you need is a failed AC. Because or techs are NOT Commissioned sales reps, you can count on The AC Team to be fair and more importantly HONEST with you in making only the necessary repairs to your unit. Beware of the large AC Companies you see all over town. Most of their techs work on commission. This means they are literally incentivized to sell you more repairs than you may need and definitely charge you more!
Man Installing - Heating and Cooling Service in Phoenix, AZ
Does your home or office need a new HVAC system? Sometimes age or poor design or the heavy cost of repairs make it a necessity to purchase a whole new HVAC system. The AC Team will work directly with you to recommend the best system that not only will perform the job it needs to perform but works as efficiently as possible given the details of your home and your budget. Some properties were poorly designed when they were built and the right analysis can help your new system run at its best. The AC Team Heating & Cooling LLC will not merely install a new system in a home that's not property duct-ed. This is a great disservice to our customers as the new system will fail to perform its best. We believe in doing the job the right way the first time, every time!
Checking a HVAC - Heating and Cooling Service in Phoenix, AZ
We cannot stress enough to you how crucial this is for the longevity of your central HVAC system. You wouldn't drive your car for a year without getting an oil change would you? The same holds true for your HVAC system. Regular annual maintenance can flush out problems that will only get worse if they are ignored. In many cases a simple fix when detected early will prevent a much costlier repair or even complete failure in the future! If that happens the cost to repair the unit can skyrocket! Let us set our calendar to remind you to get your system serviced every early spring, before you need it to do the hard work of the summer! Remember, an ounce of prevention.....